By Jennifer Nice

When life gets hectic and you just need to get away, what could be a better escape than a camping trip with your horse? No alarms jolting you awake, traffic jams making you late, no phones or e-mails to answer, and no rushing to business meetings. It’s just the peaceful sounds of nature, a crackling fire and a rippling stream, plus plenty of fresh air and, of course, your horse.

While taking a camping trip with horses can be a lot of work, it’s also rewarding. The work entails planning your trip, preparing your horse and packing—all of which can actually be part of the fun. The reward is being able to ride for as long as you want with friends and family.

Camping has always been a great American pastime, and being able to bring your horse only adds to the fun. The time you get to spend bonding with your horse will be well worth the effort it takes to plan the trip.


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