An Advisory Firm & Multi-Family Office

The Magis Group – a full-service boutique advisory firm and multi-family office. We work exclusively with entrepreneurs and business owners to launch, grow and transition their business according to their most deeply held values.

The Power of the Entrepreneur

Business owners work around the clock to take care of their customers, employees, and family.
But who takes care of them?

The Magis Group Inc. Value Promise

Most people deal directly with their accountant, money manager, financial planner, lawyers, and various insurance agents and as a result their lives are more complicated than they need to be.

We believe that a better value promise is to have an advisor who takes the ultimate leadership role.

We manage all your professionals so they work together, so you get the best advice possible and you no longer deal directly with multiple people.

The Magis Group Inc. deals directly with them, holds them accountable to give you the best advice possible, and holds you accountable to implement that advice.

“Lost wealth may be replaced by industry, lost knowledge by study, lost health by temperance, but lost time is gone forever.” – Samuel Smiles

Charles Schwab Institutional provides the Magis Group with the processes, products and people that support our day-to-day operations, allowing us to focus upon providing objective advice to our clients.

With industry-leading asset management, a dedicated team of experts and a complete range of institutional-quality financial products, Charles Schwab ensures that our clients have what they need at all times.

Fortis Lux is a comprehensive financial planning firm that offers wealth management solutions, protection, risk management, Estate planning advice, and solutions to address your present and future financial needs.

With offices in New York and San Diego, The Magis Group Inc. provides personal service to clients nationwide.

New York Office

501 E. 74th St. #14E
New York, NY 10021

Telephone: (646) 787-0568
FAX: (914) 366-4833

San Diego Office

1331 Shasta Way
San Diego, CA 91905

Telephone: (646) 787-0568
FAX: (914) 366-4833

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